I’m proud that my pro-arts, pro-sports, anti-substance abuse and self-esteem programs reach dozens of groups annually. Unfortunately, I hear from three times more groups — schools, communities, and clubs — each year who want to hear my message but don’t have the funding to do so.

Rob the Drummer at World Pride Festival.”ROB THE DRUMMER Educational Programs, Inc.” – a 501-C-3 Not-For-Profit Adjunct

As a 501-C-3 Not for Profit Adjunct, “ROB THE DRUMMER Educational Programs, Inc.” seeks sponsors to help kids get inspired by something positive. By doing so, you’ll join sponsors of past ROB THE DRUMMER performances as diverse as McDonalds and the Soviet Peace Community.

If you would like to sponsor a ROB THE DRUMMER program in your community, contact Rob.

Corporate sponsors committed to a positive approach to fighting substance abuse may also contact me to establish a plan to work together in that fight.

A Thank You To My Sponsors

Pfizer Esperion I’m very proud that two corporate sponsors, Pfizer and Esperion, are joining forces to support utilizing a Natural way to change one’s perception….. through the Arts and Sports, rather than an artificial one through substance-abuse.

We collectively are committed to increasing the self-esteem of our communities through this significantly effective program. Pivotal in the relationship with these two fine Corporations is brother and closest of friends Roger Newton…..whose vision has become Legendary….and whose implementation of Dreams to Reality makes Life a creative, active experience. He is a constant answer not to the question “Why?”….but “Why NOT?”!! The ROB THE DRUMMER Animated experience is the first of many “Newtnick” Productions!

I extend my sincere thanks to the drum, percussion, and electronics companies who help sponsor my performances by providing the tools I need to deliver my message.

Check them out by clicking on their logos below. I’d be glad to add your company’s logo to the Sponsor Board which is prominently displayed at every show!

Check out these drum, percussion and sound products that I endorse through clinic appearances, advertisements and other media. I rely on these tools to give me the sound that I hear inside me. And I thank them for providing products to help me deliver ROB THE DRUMMER shows across the world.

Click on a product logo to check out the quality stuff these guys offer.

Link to Fibes Info Pro-Mark Sticks Zildjian REMO U.S.A. Drum Workshop Latin Percussion Mike Balter Mallets Aphex Systems Anvil Cases Sennheiser KAT Electronic Percussion

Slug Drums LARES – Lexicon AKG Acoustics E-mu Electronics Aquarian Drum Heads Westone Guitar Center Visu-Lite RandallMay Grip Peddler Samson Wireless roc-n-soc WindTech PureSound

Also, check out products by another great sponsor who isn’t currently on the web:

Quiet Tone, Inc.
12 Vine Street
Freehold, NJ 07728
908-431-2826 (Phone & Fax)

A Thank You To My Friends and Associates

I’m fortunate to have some professional associates who help simplify the business aspect of my work. These are music industry specialists who I would highly recommend to any musician needing financial or legal services:

Alan M. Friedman, CPA
Partner, Friedman, Kannenberg & Company PC
91 South Main Street
West Hartford, CT 06107
860-521-3790 (Phone)
860-561-4339 (Fax) Ronald S. Bienstock, Esq.
Bienstock & Associates
250 West 57th Street, Suite 1917
New York, NY 10107
212-399-0099 (Phone)
212-399-1278 (Fax)

In addition to being one helluva guitarist, Alan and his associates specialize in supporting the accounting needs of those in the music business.

Ron handles some of the most premiere percussionists on the planet. In addition, he is a fine bass player with the group, “The Suits.” Ron and I can be heard playing together on Alan Friedman’s CD, The Test of Time.

Most sincere thanks go to Public Relations and Management Specialist Extraordinaire, Lynn Rosenblatt….of RobtdPR. Over the past 10 years, Lynn has performed SUCH fine work; through offering suggestions, producing layouts, rewriting text, making calls, sending mailings…all with a kind and Professional follow-through that has really made things happen for ROB THE DRUMMER.

No other Public Relations Coordinator has brought such devotion and creative “magic” to the national vision of my program.

A World-renowned author in her own right, Lynn’s tireless belief in me, my projects, and my continued Mission, is a constant source of inspiration and support. She has captured the unique essence of my vision….. and crystallized my 25 years of work for the public in a way that no other PR person has accomplished.

Judy Sweeney, of Sweeney Advertising LLC, has gone the extra mile as a gifted graphic artist and designer. Her design of the Rob the Drummer Brochure most certainly has shown the “Real” me to literally thousands that have had the opportunity to see it…..summarizing 25 years of vision and purpose through a unique photo documentary…… a powerful presentation that brings my program to life. I recommend her highly…..for her work and communications skills.”

You would not be viewing this website if it were not for the concept, implementation, and updating of ROB BORES. Beginning as a premier fan of Music in general…..and “Jeff Pevar and Friends” in specific, Rob conceived and formed the website model that put me on the Internet map.

His charitable and loving care of me… and my work….along with his wonderful wife, Robin, set a unique and warm tone to explaining that which is difficult to explain….ROB THE DRUMMER!! All things emerge from the root creative endeavor he began…..and hopefully, will continue to maintain….I am most thankful.

From the very beginning, Steve Katzman… of my former percussion students…and a wonderful fellow…Hosted my website at a negligible cost from his California base.

Over a number of years, he has continued to make suggestions and “tweaks” whenever possible….and has helped immeasurably in dealing with the hosting companies involved in broadcasting the site Worldwide. He is much more than a friend…and I am truly indebted.

It is with great pleasure that I extend to you the name of Jim Bennett, a talented and uniquely gifted website designer. His collaboration, effort, and professional wisdom has brought the vision of my ROB THE DRUMMER Pro-Arts, Pro-Sports, Anti-Substance Abuse, Self-Esteem Programs to the Internet-forefront.

Jim’s keen sensitivity to “knowing and understanding his client” can provide web pages complete with unique, specialty animation, and designs that really catch the people’s attention.

He specializes in information technology services….and has 15 years of experience in developing and maintaining database applications of all kinds as well as Internet-based WEBSITE DESIGN and maintenance.

His talent and creativity have brought you this updated, Magical version of the ROB THE DRUMMER site. ENJOY!!……and spread the word……to kids…..and the Child within everyone.

There are those folks that are a thread through all your life……that have always been there for you….and probably always will be. Bob Oxenhorn is such a fellow. From the very beginning, Bob has helped to conceive, implement, and create the ROB THE DRUMMER logos and Artwork that have graced my promotional materials, my business cards, and even my motorcycle!! He is one of the finest of graphic artists….and a great bass player at the same time!….Thank You.

I want to thank, most sincerely, my brother, fellow musician, and most special friend Haig Shahverdian, for his continued Inspiration and belief in ROB THE DRUMMER and the person behind him, from the first day when he asked me to explain Percussion to his class, the day that launched a life change and a career — through the awareness of non-verbal communication’s effect on Kids. Year after year, he inspires young people of EVERY talent level to go beyond their limits and become Champions and Ambassadors to the World. He will always make the Child within me Smile!

BeatriceMy ULTIMATE thanks must go to my family: my big brother, Neil, who has always been a patient ROCK for me, and served in so many ways as a strong male role-model figure, while inspiring me with his zest for life and fine musicianship; my other relatives who have always been there with a kind word or suggestion to make things better and have supported me pragmatically and Spiritually in countless ways; and my Mother, Beatrice, who is ROYALTY in everyone’s Heart who meets her… the Sharpest of Minds, the most Sensitive of Hearts… she is truly a QUEEN.

After my Father’s early and most unexpected death, she cradled the Torch of his Life in her hand, and held it High for me to see, always, and be PROUD; of the Musicianship, of the Spirit of Life, and most importantly, of the HUMOR!! She helped me pull together the Elements of Heredity and Environment in myself to hopefully form something Special: PERSPECTIVE.

My Family, and Life in general, is a wonderful GIFT to me; I guess that’s why they call it the PRESENT!!

A Special thanks to best friend and female companion for more than 30 years, Ann Scharin, who has done her best to support and nurture my sensitivity and perspective on Nature, Children, and just Life, on a daily basis. If Laughter is the best medicine….I’ve had a very fine Physician! She is the most complex of entities….the Viper and the Willow……and assures that everyday is NEVER boring!

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