The Drummer Program

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The ROB THE DRUMMER program is about changing the way you feel through the arts and sports. ROB THE DRUMMER is a children’s character created to communicate self-esteem building concepts through the primal, non-verbal vehicle of the drums.


CONCERT PRESENTATION: The structure of this musical, educational program and performance is designed to connect audiences, creating strong rapport and trust. At the core of his presentation, Rob delivers inspiring concepts of self-reliance and goal oriented thinking.

He stresses equality of the sexes, stresses the importance of practice in anything you do and then attacks the drug issue with plain talk in a “non-preaching” manner. His unique deliverance allows people to FEEL, not just passively listen. Audiences experience a wide range of POSITIVE EMOTIONS for immediate, as well as long term impact!

Rob Gottfried is an accomplished international musician who teaches drums and performs professionally. Kids and adults will actually play the drums, participate on stage, EXPERIENCE the musical moment and FEEL his message!

Rob demonstrates midi controllers, drumming techniques and drum computers. The culminating event is often a dynamic ten minute SOLO of the Most Famous Drum Solos in History!

(John Spivey / Journal Inquirer)
ROB THE DRUMMER: An International Ambassador for Children

(Photo courtesy of The Peace Run)

ROB THE DRUMMER is Robert L. Gottfried. He has performed for audiences in Belgium and Russia, and toured Japan for the Yamaha Music Foundation. He has appeared on the Nickelodeon Network, MTV, Sesame Street, Romper Room, Kids World, Entertainment Tonight and other children’s national and cable television programs.

ROB THE DRUMMER programs are designed for elementary through college age audiences. Additionally, ROB THE DRUMMER programs are applicable for Family Oriented, Community and Special Events.

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