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“You are a HERO in all our eyes. We love you and will never forget you Rob the Drummer! Thank you for all you have done for us.”

“From the moment you stepped onto the stage, you had our complete attention. You opened up your heart and soul to us and we naturally trusted you. You spoke, we listened and looked up to you with great honor and respect.

When you invited the students and teachers to experience the hands on interaction with you and your drums, we were able to feel the power of your message. There was an energetic connection we felt with you that will hold an everlasting impression within us.

Combine all these elements along with your most impressive percussive talent, natural beaming energy, love of life, love for everyone and we feel that you have carefully orchestrated a message that is extremely effective, easily understood and overwhelmingly accepted by all!”


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MARVIN “Smitty” SMITH – Drummer, The TONIGHT SHOW “The energy Rob brings when he steps out on stage . . . Kids gravitate toward that. He delivers his positive energy when he enters a room. He just makes you feel alive!”

US SENATE – Senator Lowell P. Weicker, Jr. “A positive force for our young people.”

CT GOVERNOR WILLIAM A. O’NEILL ” Consider his talents and choose him to help combat the war against drugs.”

CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES – Barbara Kennelly “I add my voice to those of his young audiences in speaking enthusiastically about Rob the Drummer. I feel sure that this young man and his gifts would be a positive, beneficial force.”

CONNECTICUT DIVISION OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE John Bailey – CT Chief State’s Attorney “His message is very simply, “The arts as an alternative to drugs! It is straightforward and young people can identify with it. He is truly a professional who is willing to use his talent to fight the drug crisis in our schools through the use of talent and music.”

FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION – Gary M. Bald, Supervisory Special Agent “The ability to reach these youth through music analogies presented by your first hand knowledge and experiences brings a credibility that acts like a stimulus for the youth to evaluate their perspective on this important concept of a Drug Free America.”

WEST HARTFORD CULTURAL COUNCIL Paula Wilcox-Smith, Coordinator “As Coordinator of the West Hartford Cultural Council I see performers, in all aspects of the arts all the time, but none with your unique blend of music and education.”

SIMSBURY CULTURAL ARTS COUNCIL, Simsbury, CT Barbara H. Beal “On behalf of the Simsbury Arts Council I would like to thank you for your fantastic performance. It was wonderful watching the response of the young and the old and hard to determine who enjoyed the performance more.”

THE BUSHNELL – Hartford, CT – Brenda Dranoff-Lopez – Educational Programs Coordinator “In short, the administration and I felt that your performance was exactly what the students needed to see and hear as they embarked upon taking the Connecticut Mastery Test.”

HAIG SHAHVERDIAN – Music Supervisor, West Hartford, CT Renowned Hall High School Jazz Band “Some of the highs we’ve shared that come from watching kids succeed – they’re just even hard to make people understand. Rob will say, ‘When are we doing this – I can’t miss it because something great is going to happen.” I know you can’t explain it after it happens – you just have to be there WHEN it happens!”

LARY BLOOM – Editor, Connecticut Northeast Magazine, Hartford, CT “His job is to make the kids pay attention, and you know, that if you have a serious message for kids, they don’t want to hear it – he’s a magician!”

CT D.A.R.E. Officer, T.F.C. Rafael L. Morales “The presentation contains and summarizes the basic fundamentals of the D.A.R.E. curriculum. I feel by utilizing the drums as a nonverbal component of the show, it is a very effective way of educating our youth.”

M.A.D.D. (Mother’s Against Drunk Driving) “Rob’s performance was fantastic. Innovative and exciting. Our M.A.D.D. Power Camp of 1998 strongly recommends any organization involved with youth to use Rob.”

KICK BUTTS DAY RALLY – Uinta Coalition for Safe & Drug Free Schools, Evanston, WY “Rob has combined his dynamic drumming with a powerful anti-substance abuse message to audience of all ages!”

CHARACTER COUNTS – Scott Putnam, CT Coordinator “The performance electrified the students and the adults.”

RED RIBBON WEEK – Mt. ORAB MIDDLE SCHOOL Cincinnati, OH Kim Schram, Guidance “In my 19 years of teaching/counseling I have never seen our entire student body paying such attention to a presenter.”

BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! Your assembly at our school was one of the best we ever had.

I strongly recommend your show for any audience – Grades 1 through 12 or adults – WHAT YOU DO WORKS!” SILAS DEANE MIDDLE SCHOOL. . . Wethersfield, CT Kenneth S. Edwards, Principal

“From the moment Rob walked on stage (barefoot!), the boys were captivated!” AVON OLD FARMS SCHOOL . . . Avon, CT 2001
“Best pre-prom assembly in the 26 years I’ve been here” NORTHWEST CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL . . . West Hartford, CT R.L. Callahan, Principal

“The best faculty and student ‘reviews’ of any program in over 13 years of school administration.” AVON PUBLIC SCHOOLS Jerome W. Cramp, Principal

“Thank you for the finest program I have ever attended at Dean.” DEAN JUNIOR COLLEGE Franklin, MA Harry Kreshpane – Dean of Academic Affairs

” . . . you really rocked the place! The message, cleverly packaged in terms related to the concept of individual freedom, seemed to be very effective in reaching the young people.” ANN ARBOR HURON HIGH SCHOOL Ann Arbor, MI Norman E. Fischer, Counselor

“Our students proclaimed that this was the best school program they had ever attended – they are still talking about it. HARTFORD PUBLIC SCHOOLS Hartford, CT Frederick Maher, Principal

VICTOR SCHTEID – Principal of a Moscow School for Juvenile Boys “Honestly speaking, I am overwhelmed! Rob’s method of enticing the audience is simply terrific! Rob the Drummer gives forth a sense of freedom, peace and sincere interest in those who are present. He is an accomplished professional. The youngsters took to him at once. I’m sure that they will remember Rob for a very long time, maybe . . . forever!”

GILDA MYLES – NEW DIRECTIONS, MI “Just as Dr. King was a drum major for freedom, YOU are a drum major for hope.”

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