For The Kids


That’s what kids remember after they experience Rob Gottfried’s “Be the BEST You Can Be” Concert performance . . . LIVE with ANIMATION!

Perhaps once in a lifetime, a percussionist/educator comes along whose powerful and dynamic concert venue makes a mark on thousands of kids’ lives forever! He’s a National Ambassador!

Yes . . . THE BEAT GOES ON! It debuted in Connecticut and is now LIVE IN ACTION in Michigan. Sponsored so generously by Mr. Roger Newton, CT experienced the premier show segment created by EXPLORIA PRODUCTIONS of Hartford, CT. “ROB TALKS TO ROB!” Hey folks, you’ve never experienced anything like it . . . ROB THE DRUMMER animated! …. and talking to HIMSELF on stage!

This new, high tech segment of Rob’s already legendary performance, teaches kids of all ages about PRACTICE, BULLYING and the ACCEPTANCE of DIVERSITY in a captivating and dynamic way.

The human on-stage Rob talks to the animated on-screen Rob and weaves an unforgettable message about building relationships in our ever-diverse nation.

After the show, kids can connect with Rob’s new COMMUNITY NETWORK to send e-mails, continue student communication, and reinforce Rob’s performance themes and his Role-Model persona.

It is not often that someone in corporate America – who has achieved greatness, has the time or inclination to direct their energies toward the betterment of kids worldwide, but that is exactly what Roger Newton and his wife, Coco, have done through the Esperance Family Foundation.

This is truly a human interest story! Rob Gottfried’s gift and strength is in his ability to CONNECT – he gets people pumped up!

Whether you’re 8 or 80, a fine communicative drummer will gain your attention immediately. . . but it is then the charge of the Motivator to build greatness off of the connection that has been made. This is the wonderful difference between a percussion player and the unique gifts of Robert Gottfried, ROB THE DRUMMER.

Robert Gottfried captivated audiences at 73 Schools during the 2006 ROB THE DRUMMER Michigan WINTER TOUR – over 60,000 kids, administrators and parents in 2006.

He has created a concert so unique and powerful that the non-verbal connection is made . . . followed by a “trust factor” between ROB and his audience . . . it grabs the attention of the listener where others have failed- it’s PRIMAL!

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